среда, 13 января 2010 г.

No food after six p m

It is the motto of those people who ate crazy about getting slender and slimmer. They do a lot of things in order to lost weight and they deprive themselves of food and so on and so forth. They are possessed with this idea and they believe in every single piece of advice they hear and they never think over this advice. Though, were they more attentive and were they training their brains better than they train their bodies they would ask a doctor about this rule. And that is what doctors say. They say it doesn’t matter what tine it is in case you want eat. See, there is the quantity of calories people need during a day and those ate important for people and for their bodies. In case a person failed to eat the necessary quantity during a day there is nothing wrong in eating after six p m. this eating will be just common supply with calories your body really need. Time is not a big deal in case your body is in lack of calories. So, people can eat whenever they want to, they just have to care about they never fall asleep with full stomach.

четверг, 17 декабря 2009 г.

Eat for living

It is food we need in order to provide our body with the whole necessary stuff and there is no way for us to survive without food. Sure, people say that mental is of greater importance but so it happened that there is no mental without our physical body. And the physical body needs the real food. That is why we need food – it provides our body with stuff it needs and there is no another value in food. There are people who are crazy about food and they spend a fortune for eating and as a result they ruin both – mental and physical. It is wrong to recognize eating as the religion for life but it is not a rare case for people. And people should also care much about things they eat because the food makes us. We are what we eat and in case you let the poison in your body with food it will never bring you good and you will get more harm and less of eating. Food makes our body and so we need to care about this material we build our bodies of. It is the material we are and that is why it is important to know about the culture of eating.

среда, 1 апреля 2009 г.

Others may not even realize

What does the soul need to be nourished? Religion, nature or music can be food for the soul. In time where people are busy and overloaded with their work, bills and other responsibilities, the soul sometimes are forgotten.Others may not even realize that nourishing their soul is an important part of being healthy. What is considered food? It can be whatever lights up the mind and the heart. For some people, food for the soul implies something gooey and yummy while others see it as a nutritional nourishment.Religion has been a comfort for many people for a long time. It is an absolution that people can rely on and believe in. Religion can fill up a person’s heart and soul. It could mean going to Sunday service or just taking a couple of minutes to pray and be one with their God is often great food for the soul.Getting out and enjoying nature is a wonderful way to replenish your soul. Taking a walk on the beach or in the woods, hugging a tree or watching birds or even just sitting out in your backyard could be a perfect way to reenergize your batteries. It is easy to get caught up and stay in the office all day; just a trip outside to appreciate some fresh air and sunshine could add a lift to your day. Whatever the activity or outlet you may think of, find something that you find uplifting and nourishing to your spirit.

четверг, 19 марта 2009 г.

The passion for someone

Food is meant to be a way to fill up the human body; essentially to refuel the body so that it does the work we ask of it. Like anything else, eating can be an arduous task or it can be a loving, nurturing and passionate ritual that the senses can totally indulge in. Food has been a passion for some but now with the ease of travel and the quick passing of the word via the television or the internet; foodies are coming out of the woodwork.
On every city’s main webpage and Sunday paper is a dedicated section to the local restaurants. Tourists want to know where to go to experience the best cuisine of the area. Ironically; this may not be the best place to find the best local food in the area. Try randomly asking the locals were the best places to eat are.
The affair with food is not only about finding the best places to eat but it is also about the way a person buys it in a farmers market, butcher or fish market and brings it home to cook it. Always try to honor the food by buying the freshest available to you and take it home to cook as soon as you possibly can. Many people like to combine many flavors of herbs and spices and some are very talented in this area; they just seem to have a knack of knowing what flavors go together. However; for the beginner it is better to start with simple flavors. Try a few herbs or spices with your food. Find the true flavor of the food before hiding it in a jumble of other flavors and build on that experience. Regardless of whether you stay in or go out, your love affair with food will be a passionate one.

воскресенье, 1 февраля 2009 г.

The number of food intakes

Very often, the various recommendations of the weight loss occurs this: "Eat small portions, but often." Only one phrase among invisible flow councils, many of whom we remember them. Here we ignore it by ear, arguing as follows: "a small portion is not enough to be satisfied! Already better to eat 1-2 times a day, but more thoroughly. Daily total calories remains the same"
So, here is the mystery, which dietitians not find let us know: a break between meals should not exceed 5 hours! Until then, our stomachs should wake up and get food. And not even the essence of important fatty foods or dietary, just our bodies should know that the food is, it comes regularly, so accumulate fat "store" is not necessary.
And how do we, having received such a valuable indication of our dear nutritionists? We try to have as sparingly as possible; happy, if due to a lack of appetite or urgent cases skip lunch, or find the strength to give up the dinner because someone voiced the thesis: "after 18 hours is impossible, and even dinner should give the enemy" .
As in such a situation comes our body? After 5 hours of "idle" stomach begins to beat all the bells and, in the thwarted feelings cable body: "Hunger is! Of course, in people with normal metabolism of such problems do not occur, but for people inclined to fat, the circumstances must be treated with due respect to the vagaries of the organism.